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All imports meet the requirements of the California Air Research Board (CARB). Workplace safety comes first.


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Forward Planning

When machines stop, operating costs take over.  We understand what it takes to accomplish the mission.

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Consistency is always the result of the right intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.

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We improvise: Cut-to-size elements, specialty veneers and grading. We tailor solutions to fit your parameters.



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EngineerED-Flooring Core: CTS

Especially designed for the rigors demanded of engineered flooring: water boiling proof, zero delamination, resilient in tough areas, form-stable. Cut-To-Size rips offered in 5', 8', 10' lengths, cross- and long-grain.

Concrete Film-Face

HS Birch is used in almost all areas for walls and slabs. The plywood panel is available in thicknesses of 6.5 mm to up to 40 mm. HS Birch is used for concrete surfaces with higher requirements. Cross-bonded birch veneers with film-faced coating of phenolic resin with 120 g/m² on both sides as well as BFU 100 bonding exceptionalize this heavy-duty panel.

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Laser Ply

HS Laser Ply is specially developed for laser cutting applications and is mostly used as die cutting plates in the packaging industry. It is suitable also for other indoor uses and for applications requiring a colorless glue line with a protective film surface.

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Highstar Inc. is a leading importer of plywood and timber.


decades of professionalism and reliability Make us the best at what we do.

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Highstar Inc. supports sustainable forestry.

We strive to act conscientiously and responsibly in our global community.

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