birch plywood

Birch Plywood Grades

Plywood grades :


B/BB: Single piece face and back veneer. Face veneers are considered clear and free of defects with a light-uniform color. Back allows 3-6 color matched patches, which are oval in shape and egg sized. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 18.53.13.png


BB/BB: Single piece face and back. Both face and back veneers allow 3-6 small color-matched patches on average and some light mineral streaks. Tight pin knots may be present. Inner cores are solid single piece veneers.


BB/CP: Single piece face and back. The “CP” back veneers are downgraded from “BB” grade veneers, which allow for unlimited patches and sound knots, but does not allow for open defects. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.


CP/CP: Single piece face and back. Face and back grade veneers allow unlimited sound knots and repaired splits and unlimited patches. The panel is sound both sides and designed for laminating.

cp/cp birch plywood


C/C: Patches, open knots, and small veneer splits allowed. Veneer lap and small core voids permitted. This panel is not sanded and would be used for structural purposes.


SHOP GRADES:  Panels allow for 1-3 splits on the face veneer along one edge of the panel in lengths no longer than 10” and no wider than ¼”. Shop grades offered at a substantial discount to the “on grade  prices.


Plywood sizes:

1220 x 2440 mm  / 4x8 long grain, cross grain
1525 x 1525mm   / 5x5
1525 x 3050 mm / 5x10 long grain , cross grain

Cut to size plywood: discussed with each client .


Glue:  Interior, Exterior

Thicknesses : 3-30mm