Eames Plywood Leg Splint

During World War II, the U.S. Navy called upon Charles and Ray Eames to create a lightweight, inexpensive leg splint. The resulting design is a highly sculptural yet functional device that could be mass-produced and, being modular, conveniently and inexpensively transported. Access to military technology and manufacturing facilities allowed the Eameses to perfect their technique for molding plywood, which they had been working on for several years. In its three-dimensional, biomorphic form, the leg splint suggests the Eames' subsequent, highly influential plywood furniture designs.

Aalto's 406 vs. Nakamura's Poäng

Birch Plywood Design

Recently IKEA celebrated the 40th anniversary of Noboru Nakamura's "Poäng" chair that was inspired by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto's model 406.

Here is a video of Nakamura discussing his design principles.

New 406s are sold by Artek.

alvar aalto 406



poäng nakamura

Baltic birch plywood remains an essential part of innovative and durable furniture design.